Volume: 2023 - 180
Date: 4th October 2023

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Kimball Gallagher, piano
at Chom Dong Villa
Kimball Gallagher
New Perceptions, New Worlds

Sonata in A major, K. 331 W.A. MOZART
  1. Andante grazioso
  2. Menuetto
  3. Alla turca : Allegretto
Fantasy on Kora themes, Thailand premiere HWAEN CH’UQI
Commissioned by 88 International

Menuet on the name of Haydn M. RAVEL

Seven Cycles : Thailand, Prelude for Siam Society and King Bhumibol
Grace : Thailand, Prelude for Princess Galyani
Elegy : Tunisia, Prelude for Aida
Remembrance : South Africa, Prelude for Nelson Mandela
Heroism : Antarctica, Prelude for Alejo Contreras
Romantic Desolation : Afghanistan, Prelude for Kabul and ANIM

Sonate no. 3 en si mineur, Op. 58 F. CHOPIN
  1. Allegro maestoso
  2. Scherzo : Molto vivace
  3. Largo
  4. Finale : Presto con tanto
This recital presents works by Mozart and Chopin as well as original contemporary creations inspired by Kimball’s numerous human and musical encounters through his travels. The first piece on the program is Mozart's piano sonata in A major, K. 331, in which the Ottoman influence is felt. This piece includes the famous Turkish march. In the tradition of Mozart, inspired by the other and the unknown, the pianist Kimball Gallagher then presents new compositions, including a Fantasy on the themes of the kora composed by the Peruvian American pianist-composer Hwaen Ch'uqi. Preludes by Gallagher composed during his travels follow the Fantasy. Each prelude is dedicated to people met throughout his travels. Gallagher will close the evening with the famous sonata no. 3 by Chopin in B minor. Each piece aims to open a window on new sensations and new worlds.

KIMBALL GALLAGHER has established himself as one of the most dynamic and versatile pianists on the current scene. Critics have described Gallagher as a "dynamo", a "bright sunshine" and a "lightning bolt". Gallagher's sold-out debut at Carnegie Hall in 2008 launched his international "The 88-Concert Tour," a desire to bring living room culture to life through more than 300 performances in a variety of non-traditional venues. Gallagher has traveled to 7 continents, performed in 30 countries and given concerts in prestigious and intimate venues all over the world, from the Kennedy Center to Kabul, from Bombay to Boulder, from Chicago to Shanghai, and from Tuscany. to Tunisia. It was during this multicultural tour that he was introduced to the world of associations when he realized the great educational needs among young people in many countries. Eager to go further, he founded the NGO 88 INTERNATIONAL, for the 88 notes of the piano, where in collaboration with public and private partners, he develops and launches large-scale transformational musical programs for young people, in order to meet to social and educational problems through music and its effects. These programs are Tunisia88, Senegal88, St.Martin88, Taiwan88 and Myanmar Music Festival. He also develops new concert programs nourished by all the musical influences he encounters during his travels.
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