Volume: 2023 - 108
Date: 13th July 2023

H.H.H. Foundation: Who we are

Hua Hin Heroes (Foundation currently in formation) was founded by a diverse team of three Hua Hin entrepreneurs.

We apologise for the wrong picture of Adam Cllark in the previous edition.
Adam Clark
President of Hua Hin Heroes Foundation
Financial Services

As a father of two young children, Adam understands the importance of a safe environment and good education in shaping their future. Leveraging his vast experience in various fields, he is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of children. His focus will be on fundraising and ensuring the efficient use of resources, so that maximum benefit can be derived for those in need.
Henrik Fagersson
Vice-President of Hua Hin Heroes Foundation, Osteopath D.O, Owner & Founder of Spine Clinic

Henrik is the CEO and founder of Spine Clinic. It’s a western clinic with a range of different professional within, such as; chiropractor, osteopath, chinese acupuncture, physiotherapy, exercise therapy and yoga. Henrik is by profession an Osteopath D.O. Henrik moved to Thailand for 5 years ago with his wife and two children.
Ploy Sakdapheysiri
Co-Founder of Hua Hin Heroes Foundation, Owner of Wine Bubble and Berry Club & Wholesale

Ploy graduated with a Master of International Business degree from Australia. With extensive experience in the automotive industry, she chose to follow her dream of becoming an entrepreneur by opening the stylish Wine Club in Hua Hin – Wine Bubble and Berry Wholesale and Wine Club.
Another life goal of Ploy is to make the world a better place. She is thrilled to be a part of Hua Hin Heroes and is responsible for gathering ideas and people to create fun and meaningful events that aim to provide assistance to those who need it at the right time.
Kantee Isareenuruk
Attorney at Law
Managing Director at Libothai Law Firm Co., Ltd.

Kantee is a successful entrepreneur in the legal field. As someone who believes in giving back to society, Kantee is committed to supporting the Hua Hin Heroes Foundation by providing legal assistance. Through her efforts, she aims to establish a clear and transparent structure that donors and other stakeholders can trust and rely on.
Amarita Thatdee
Attorney at Law
Associate at Libothai Law Firm Co., Ltd.

Having grown up in a rural area, Amarita has witnessed firsthand the struggles of underprivileged children and the lack of educational opportunities. With her empathy and experience in establishing various legal entities, she is committed to ensuring that your donations are channeled to the right hands and that the children receive the full benefits.
Thippalida Warunchidakkharima
Director & Accountant at Tuk Hua Hin Accounting and Law

Thippalida is a highly experienced accountant with many years of experience. She has a strong understanding of the accounting and financial reporting requirements for non-profits. She will ensure that all the financial statements are transparent and ensure that the foundation is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
Patrik Wagner
Managing Director at 360 Consulting Co., Ltd.

Patrik serves as the Managing Director of 360 Consulting Co., Ltd., an all-round service provider for expats. He assists foreigners in various matters and makes their lives easier. He is grateful to be part of Hua Hin Heroes and takes care of the IT. He finds it fulfilling to support the local community and contribute to making a positive impact on people’s lives.


Email: info@huahinheroes.com
Phone: 097-276-1303
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